Alumni Association Mission Statement

The University of Massachusetts Boston Alumni Association serves and represents
alumni and the University, by engaging and empowering all alumni as active and effective
partners in the UMass Boston community; and by promoting the lifelong, mutually
beneficial pursuit of the aspirations shared by UMass Boston and its alumni.

The UMass Boston Alumni Association seeks to accomplish its mission by:
  • Supporting the UMass Boston Fund and its Chancellor's Council;

  • Fostering relationships among alumni from colleges, regions, and constituencies;

  • Engaging students as future alumni by supporting the Student Philanthropy Council
      and other activities;

  • Providing social and career networking for alumni, including those living
      out of state and abroad;

  • Encouraging participation of colleges in UMass Boston Alumni Association activities;

  • Recognizing alumni for their contributions, accomplishments, and service;

  • Facilitating a connection between alumni and students through mentoring,
      internship, and employment opportunities;

  • Connecting alumni with volunteer opportunities on and off campus; and

  • Increase overall communication with alumni, including providing an avenue
      for feedback from alumni.

You may  join the Alumni Association, by making an annual gift of $25 or more to the UMass Boston Fund.

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Boston, MA 02125-3393

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