The University of Massachusetts Boston Alumni Association serves and represents
alumni and the University, by engaging and empowering all alumni as active and effective
partners in the UMass Boston community; and by promoting the lifelong, mutually
beneficial pursuit of the aspirations shared by UMass Boston and its alumni.

The UMass Boston Alumni Association seeks to accomplish its mission by:
  • Supporting the UMass Boston Fund and its Chancellor's Council;

  • Fostering relationships among alumni from colleges, regions, and constituencies;

  • Engaging students as future alumni by supporting the Student Philanthropy Council
      and other activities;

  • Providing social and career networking for alumni, including those living
      out of state and abroad;

  • Encouraging participation of colleges in UMass Boston Alumni Association activities;

  • Recognizing alumni for their contributions, accomplishments, and service;

  • Facilitating a connection between alumni and students through mentoring,
      internship, and employment opportunities;

  • Connecting alumni with volunteer opportunities on and off campus; and

  • Increase overall communication with alumni, including providing an avenue
      for feedback from alumni.

You may  join the Alumni Association, by making an annual gift of $25 or more to the UMass Boston Fund.

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100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125-3393
Email: alumni@umb.edu

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