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Professor of Africana Studies Marc Prou ’78 shares how his UMass Boston education has inspired him to live a life of service in his community and through his work, to transform the lives of others.

He says that private contributions are essential to maintain UMass Boston's excellence as the only public university in Boston. 

Why is it important to you to support the UMass Boston Fund?

I will never be able to repay UMass Boston for what I received out of my experiences as a student and as a faculty member. The university has contributed to my growth both professionally as a member of the academy and in the communities I work with as a trustee and a board member.

There are more than 100 languages spoken on our campus. Many of the graduate programs have a global focus and of course have brought a number of students from all over the world to study which enhances diversity on campus, and in Dorchester where we live and work. That’s what we do best.

Private contributions are essential for us to maintain the excellence we provide through our mission as the only public university in the city of Boston.

Without the support of people who were here before me I don’t think I would have been able to get the quality education I received and become the quality person I am today. Therefore, I will continue to support UMass Boston and I will encourage others to do the same.
Join Professor Prou in supporting Boston's public university.


"Excellence without equity is arrogance, while equity without excellence is mediocrity. Your gift helps us fulfill the promise of a high-quality public education."  

Professor Marc Prou '78

Giving is Easy.

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